Syncbox, your own cloud storage that's totally free

Syncbox is built upon your personal hardware, therefore it stores all your data up to terabytes without any subscription fee. Data stored centrally at Syncbox forms a complete backup copy, and is always consistent.

Access your files anytime, anywhere

Supporting the most platforms including WEB, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iPad/iPhone, Syncbox realizes synchronization of files between various clients. Our unique technology also makes it easy for clients to communicate with servers, especially those within your home network.

Thorough protection of privacy

Running on your own hardware, Syncbox assures that your data is not physically accessible to anyone else. Through authentication mechanism, files access would also be limited and protected.

Enjoy your multimedia files at home

Syncbox comes along with media streaming services, which make it extremely easy to play those movies you collected or family memories at home.

Simple sharing and collaboration

Sharing Function to public and team members is built into Syncbox. One can manage group members who have access to a shared folder. Imagine how convenient it will be for people to exchange their photos taken at the party.

Event Management and Version Control guarantee file safety and enhance file management

File-related events and versions are listed to help user undelete files, or restore to any previous version.