Installation of Syncbox Server

Syncbox is a free solution for personal cloud storage. With Syncbox you can access your files stored in Syncbox Server anywhere, anytime, and easily stay synchronized among your PC, tablets and smart phones. Here is a brief instruction on how to install Syncbox Server for Windows.

a) Download Syncbox Server for Windows

Get your Syncbox Server for Windows from the Download page.

b) Fast Installation

Press "Next" if you are OK with the Syncbox ID and Storage Path prompted.

Set up your password for Syncbox Server in the blank space, and press "Next".

Now Syncbox Server is ready to use.

c) Customized Installation

Set up your Storage Path for Syncbox Server if you do not want to use the default value, then press "Next".

Customize your ID and password for Syncbox Server, and press "Next".Follow the wizard to finish the rest steps of installation.

Using Syncbox Server

a) Confirm an appropriate network environment for Syncbox Server

i. Make sure the PC running Syncbox Server, or the router connected obtains a public IP

ii. The router connected to the PC running Syncbox Server should be UPnP-compliant

iii. Check the following if Syncbox clients cannot reach the Server from outside:
1) Tick the "UPnP" option in router's configuration interface
2) Check Windows Firewall settings
3) Make sure there are no conflicts on ports with existing software
4) Check the settings of your security/anti-virus software

b) Monitor Syncbox Server's status, and change settings when necessary

Syncbox Server's icon will show in Windows System Tray after running. Right-clicking on it and choosing "Settings" would bring out Syncbox Server's configuration with "Settings" window first:

* The URL shows the absolute path if one visits the Server through Web
* Storage Path and the volume bar below show the data storage path, and space usage. Clicking on "Move" can move your data elsewhere.
* Syncbox Server's running status and Syncbox ID are marked in the lower, deep-color part. One can stop or start the Server through clicking on the "Play/Pause" button to the right.
* Error or Warning messages, if any, would appear on the bottom.

* The "Network" window shows current IPv4 address of Syncbox Server on both LAN and WAN(Internet).
* When necessary, user can change the Server's working port. (Default 8888)

The "Add-in" window mainly controls the preview functions of Syncbox Server.
* You can turn on or off the previews for Office documents by sliding the control bar.
* And you can force the Server to rebuild all thumbnails of pictures and media files.

Installation of Syncbox Clients

Syncbox Client for iOS

Search for "Syncbox" in Apple iTunes or App Store, and install the Syncbox Client for iOS.

Syncbox Client for Android

Search for "Syncbox" at or Google Play Store, and install the Syncbox Client for Android.

Syncbox Client for Windows

Get your Syncbox Client for Windows from the Download page, and double click on the installation file.

Please input your Syncbox Server's ID and password, and click "Next".

* If you need to store Syncbox files to a different directory, please click on "Change Sync Folder"
* Click on "Finish", Syncbox client will connect to the Server and begin synchronization of files.

Using Syncbox Clients

With Syncbox, you can access and synchronize files with PC, iPhone/iPad, and Android-based equipments. Here are the explanations of some terms we use throughout mobile Syncbox applications.
File:For files stored in Syncbox Server that will be synchronized across clients
Share:For files/folders to be shared among a group of people.
Public:For files/folders to be published through Internet.
Syncbox Client for Android

"Try Syncbox" can lead you to the demo account at and you can play around to get familiar with it.


You need to input Syncbox ID and password if you click on "Log in", after your Syncbox Server is ready.

android dashboard

Six icons are available at Navigation interface.

android browse

Files are displayed under "File", "Share" and "Public" categories if you enter "Files" from navigation interface. Pop-up menu shows up if you keep pressing on the triangle next to file name.

android gallery

File thumbnails are displayed under "Image", "Media" and "Doc" categories, if you enter "Previews" from navigation interface.

android event

"Events" function lists your recent activities at Syncbox, starting from the most recent ones.

Syncbox Client for iOS
Syncbox Client for iOS (iPhone/iPad) works in the similar way as Android Client.
iOS browse

File browsing

iOS music

Album cover displays when playing music

Syncbox Client for Windows
On the PC running Syncbox Client for Windows, right click on Syncbox Client icon at system tray, and choose "Settings".
pc basic

Basic Settings Interface

pc account

Client version and Syncbox Server address is displayed under "Account" Tab. If you wish to connect to another Syncbox Server instance, please click on "Unlink"

pc advan

Current Folder for Synchronization is displayed under "Advanced" Tab. If you with to change it, click on "Change" button.